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Pubs and
Wine Bars

Pubs and Wine Bars Business Insurance

A Pub and or Wine Bar Insurance policy from easy business insurance takes the stress out of getting affordable cover that meets your needs. more details >>

and Cafes

Restaurants and Cafes Business Insurance

If you own or operate a Restaurant or Cafe easy business insurance can provide insurance to protect your customers, your business and yourself. more details >>

Takeaways and
Fish & Chip Shops

Takeaways and Fish and Chip Shops Business Insurance

With easy business insurance for Takeaway and Fish & Chip Shops theres no hassle so you can just get on with doing what you do best. more details >>

Other Business Insurance

Other Business Insurance

At easy business insurance we are also able to provide tailored policies for a wide range of businesses such as Hotels & Guest Houses, Bakers Hairdressers, etc. more details >>


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Save money with easy business insurance...

easy business insurance can provide quality cover for a variety of businesses, including Public Houses, Restaurants, Takeaways, Fish & Chip Shops, Hotels, Guest Houses and many more. Furthermore we will ensure that you get the right cover for your business in minutes and save you money at the same time.



Sell your property with easy property agents...

easy property agents are an established Commercial Insurance Brokers who in addition to arranging insurance for business and property owners are in partnership with a Property Group who can guarantee you a great cash offer on your property with a 28 day completion period. To find out more click our logo...


Easy PGI

Easy Personal Guarantee Insurance

PGI provides insurance for business owners of SME’s who have given a Personal Guarantee to a lender in respect of the companies borrowings, this policy protects the company in the event of insolvency and when they are unable to repay the whole of the borrowings and the guarantee is called upon. To find out more click our logo...